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Best Chiropractic Therapists In Dubai

Chiropracticor manual therapy is a complementary technique chiropractors use to treatissues with people's skeletal systems. At novelty clinic, our best chiropractor in Dubai offerschiropractic care to people of all ages and illnesses. One should use hisorgans properly daily to prevent skeletal problems; medication is not required,and they may also supply nutritional dietary guidance.

The best chiropractic approach's treatment is built around the therapist's hand movements. Our expert chiropractors take great pride in providing the best chiropractic therapy services in Dubai and worldwide. Although most of our patients come to our chiropractor in Dubai for assistance with a particular issue, we go above and above to ensure that we advance your general health as you continue to care.

What DoYou Understand By Chiropractic Therapy?

Chiropractic is a type of healthcare that emphasizes natural, hands-on techniques or hand held devices, frequently performed by a qualified best chiropractor in Dubai. Its goal is to restore, maintain, and optimize health. By focusing on your spine and employing a gentle, non-invasive technique that doesn't include drugs or surgery, we'll help you reach a state of optimum health. Our qualified and skilled chiropractic specialists mostly use chiropractic therapy to treat pain in muscles, joints, bones, and soft connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. However, they sometimes use it with traditional medical treatment.

What Exactly Is Back Pain Chiropractic Care?

First and foremost, our skilled and experienced chiropractor in Dubai will obtain the patient's medical history. Your chiropractor will examine you physically after questioning you about your health. It involves evaluating your spinal flexibility (how well your spine moves). Your chiropractor might perform various tests, including x-rays and blood pressure checks. The chiropractor might also use additional therapies, such as massages and soft tissue work.

Diagnostic Tests And Examinations

In most cases, you may need more than two appointments to correct the problem. The duration of treatments is often several weeks. Initially, your chiropractor could advise 2 or 3 brief therapies per week. The initial appointment may include an X-ray, radiographs, a detailed spine examination, and other procedures and tests.

In addition to MRI, thermography and a CT scan are employed for further diagnostics. Your next session can involve a chiropractic adjustment, commonly referred to as a spinal adjustment, chiropractic manipulation, or simply "an adjustment," depending on what your professional chiropractor in Dubai discovers during the consultation and examination.

What Are The Major Benefits And Disadvantages Of Chiropractic Therapy?

Spine manipulation and chiropractic therapy are usually safe, except for severely ruptured discs and spinal dislocations. These treatments effectively treat severe back pain and accidental injuries caused by lifting big objects. Additionally, it improves chronic back pain. Here are some of the benefits and disadvantages of chiropractic treatment:

Children and adults can both benefit from chiropractic adjustment as a treatment option. Between the ages of 45 and 64, chiropractic therapy is most frequently sought by patients. People who were allocated females at birth are more likely to visit a chiropractor than males.

Benifits of chiropractic therapy

1. It helps in reducing migraines and neck-related pain, and headaches
2. Improves your body posture 
3. Stress reduction and mood-boosting
4. Enhancing skeletal and nervous system function   
5. It's helpful for new and old injuries
6. It improves other joints and the spine's range of motion.
7. Being useful for old and new injuries.

Disadvantages of chiropractic therapy

1. Manipulation of thespine and joints can result in unintended fractures or injuries
2. Treatment andchiropractor cost in Dubai might bepretty expensive.
3. Insurance providersdo not always cover chiropractic therapy.

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Work?

Our skilled chiropractors in Dubai use various methods and techniques to manipulate the vertebrae during the procedure. These approaches require using either their hands or small handheld equipment to press on the damaged tissue or painful area of a patient's body.

Chiropractic Adjustment Of Neck And Spine In Dubai

This therapy treats various issues and illnesses. It deals with the effects of muscular and joint dysfunction, such as This therapy treats various issues and illnesses. It deals with the effects of muscular and joint dysfunction, such as

1. Migraines
2. Headaches
3. Asthma     
4. Painful periods
5. Allergies
6. High blood pressure  
7. Joint pain  
8. Sports injuries
9. Pregnancy pain   
10. Postural dysfunctions
11. Mental health issues like stress, phobias, anxiety

What Manual Methods Of Treatment Do They Use?
Manual chiropractic adjustments in Dubai are a safe, drug-free method for assisting patients in relieving pain and increasing their mobility and illnesses mentioned above. Their manual techniques may include:

1. Massage
2. Soft tissue manipulation
3. Rehabilitation program and patient activities
4. Dietary advice.

In addition to the previously mentioned techniques, the best chiropractor in Dubai may also combine and use the following ones to realign the spine: 

1. Electrical arousal  
2. Relaxation technique   
3. Heat and ice  
4. General physical activities
5. Dietary supplements

How Much Does chiropractic Cost?

chiropractic can cost anywhere from AED 600 to AED 900


Asked By Others

What is the difference between an adjustment and a change?


Chiropractors utilize chiropractic adjustments to reposition bones that are out of alignment, or subluxated. The vertebrae can be adjusted in a variety of ways. Any of these strategies may be employed, depending on the patient's age and health and the doctor's expertise and experience. The adjustment's goal is to clear any hindrance in the nervous system, improving spinal function and overall wellness. Chiropractic adjustments are fully natural and safe for people of all ages.

How safe are chiropractic adjustments?

Yes. Chiropractic has a very good track record when it comes to patient safety. According to research conducted by the New Zealand government, modifications are "remarkably safe." Chiropractic's safe and natural method is the consequence of its conservative and natural approach, which has helped millions of satisfied patients avoid hazardous medicines and unnecessary surgery.

What is the sound that occurs during adjustments?

Adjustments, in fact, do not necessarily result in a sound. Some techniques, however, do produce a "popping" sound. This audible release is caused by gas transferring in the joint, and it sounds akin to "cracking" your knuckles. This sound is neither painful nor harmful.

Is chiropractic treatment habit-forming?

Chiropractic is not addictive in the same way that exercise, a healthy diet, or brushing your teeth are. Chiropractors advise that you have your spine evaluated for subluxations on a regular basis throughout your life since it is good for you. Long-term chiropractic patients describe a sense of total health and well-being that goes beyond food and exercise.

What causes Subluxations?

Vertebral subluxation can be caused by three different factors. Slips and falls, car accidents, repetitive movements, and poor sleeping habits can all cause physical stress to the spine and nervous system. Smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, eating an unhealthy diet, and using too many pharmaceuticals or prescriptions are all examples of chemical stress. Finally, because of its impact on the body's hormonal and muscular systems, emotional stress is a key cause of subluxation. These subluxations must be detected and removed, regardless of the source.

How can I know whether I've got a subluxation?

You can have subluxations without even realizing it. Subluxations, like the early stages of dental disease, can be present long before any symptoms appear. Only chiropractors have had specialized training in detecting subluxations. Chiropractors can determine whether or not subluxations are present using unique techniques such as x-ray, surface electromyography, thermal scanning, and postural analysis.

Will I be given any pain medication?

Medication is not typically utilized with chiropractic care since chiropractors rely on the body's natural healing abilities. Chiropractors commonly employ ice or moist heat to relieve pain and muscle spasms. When used correctly, these approaches can provide analgesia without the negative side effects associated with many drugs. Medical doctors and chiropractors today have a good working connection. If therapies outside the scope of chiropractic are required in extreme circumstances, referrals to other health care experts may be made.

Is chiropractic therapy suitable for people with arthritis?

Patients suffering from various forms of arthritis may benefit from chiropractic treatment. The stiffness and pain associated with arthritis can be decreased by keeping the spinal joints moving freely. Results may vary depending on the patient. A referral to another health care practitioner may be suggested if your doctor believes it is essential. Furthermore, studies show that those who begin receiving chiropractic care at an early age have a lower risk of developing osteoarthritis later in life.

Can someone who has had back surgery before see a chiropractor?

Unfortunately, up to half of patients who have spinal surgery experience a return of their original symptoms within months or years, according to a study. The condition is referred to as "failed back surgery syndrome," and it usually necessitates additional surgeries. Chiropractic care can help you avoid having to have surgery in the first place, or it can help you avoid having to have surgery at all.

Can I visit a chiropractor when I'm pregnant?

Chiropractic care is frequently beneficial to pregnant mothers. Chiropractors have received particular training in how to adjust pregnant women. Chiropractic's natural treatments are the logical choice for pregnant women because they are unable to take medication for pain. Because of the success of spinal adjustments for pain relief, obstetricians are increasingly referring to chiropractors. Techniques for spontaneously turning a breech infant are also safe and successful. Finally, mothers who receive chiropractic care deliver their babies far faster than those who do not.

What are the reasons for babies' adjustments?

Even today's "natural" methods of birthing can result in spinal damage. Infantile colic, poor eating habits, ear infections, or unpredictable sleeping habits have all been linked to spinal pain in studies. Pediatric adjustments are mild, safe, and provide a drug-free option for many parents. Chiropractors are frequently recommended by pediatricians as a natural solution to newborn health issues.

Is it necessary to see a chiropractor for children?

Many parents have their newborns evaluated for vertebral subluxation since serious spinal injuries can occur at birth. Chiropractic adjusting treatments are, of course, tailored to the spine of a youngster. Many health problems in children can be traced back to nerve interference in the spine. Having your spine evaluated as a child may help you avoid health concerns later in life. Chiropractic therapy is generally preferred by parents for their children because it is non-invasive and safe.

Is it possible that I have a slipped disk?


Discs are made up of a fibrous outer ring and a jelly-like interior and are regarded as the "shock absorbers" of the spine. Discs are made up of a fibrous outer ring and a jelly-like interior and are regarded as the "shock absorbers" of the spine. "Slipped disc" is a term used to describe a variety of disc issues throughout the spine. Because of the manner in which it joins to the bones above and below, a disc cannot slip. Discs can be torn, decayed, bulged, or dehydrated, all of which can cause major issues. Discs, on the other hand, cannot slip.

Is it possible that I have a pinched nerve?


A pinched nerve is a rather uncommon event. The discomfort you're feeling is most likely caused by a neighboring spinal bone that's out of alignment, producing irritation, minor compression, or stretching of a nerve. The signals sent between the brain and the body can be distorted by these misalignments, known as vertebral subluxations. Any disruption of these nerve signals can result in tissue and organ malfunction.


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