Remodel aged and sagging tissue using Profhilo
Rejuvenate & improve your skins overall appearance

Profhilo Injection in Dubai

The Profhilo injection treatment, which is the newest cutting-edge approach to anti-aging treatments, is one of Novelty Clinic's most recent releases. This ground-breaking procedure bioremodels the skin by replenishing the cells and immediately addressing skin laxity. This replenishes the skin's moisture and suppleness. At our clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, our highly skilled specialists perform all treatments.

PROFHILO is one of the highest hyaluronic acid product concentrations in the market, allowing it to repair drooping tissue in addition to boosting and hydrating the skin.For individuals who seek natural results with no downtime or discomfort, this is a great, affordable solution.l


What is Profhilo?

You can see and feel the results of the groundbreaking Profhilo® therapy for skin renewal practically immediately. Profhilo belongs to the separate injectable category of bioremodeling because it is neither a dermal filler nor a biorevitalizer.

Due to the delayed release of hyaluronic acid, the 5 injection locations for your area of concern promote 4 different forms of collagen and elastin.It rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin in addition to remodeling sagging and aging tissue.The enhanced skin tissue is significantly lifted and tightened as a result of the stimulation.


The PROFHILO procedure can help with the following:

• the mouth's tiny lines and smokers' lines
• wrinkles around the eyes
• wrinkles near the eyes
• thin and crepey neck skin
• Crepey hands and wrinkled cheeks

PROFHILO encourages healthy-looking skin by moisturizing the skin, encouraging the formation of
collagen and elastin, and revitalizing the body.


Prior to the procedure
according to our dermatologist topical anesthetic will be given for 20 to 30 minutes for added comfort.

Before beginning, the skilled, specialized specialists will carefully inspect your skin to see whether you are a good candidate. They will also clearly explain the procedure's advantages and hazards.

Using a particular Bio Aestheic Points approach (BAP), the PROFHILO syringe is injected into defined areas of your skin as shown below:

The BAP approach uses five injections per side to selectively target anatomically appropriate locations to maximize diffusion in the malar and sub-malar regions.The treatment is as comfortable as possible thanks to the slow and gentle injections. The use of special blunt needles (cannula) in locations with a high risk of bruising is possible. Due to the high concentration of HA and its cohesive nature, the substance spreads right away after injection.

For six hours after treatment, you should refrain from touching or using makeup on the treated region to avoid spreading infection. Following treatment, the treated regions may appear a little elevated and rough. By the following day, this will decrease. Your visit will include specific post-treatment instructions from our clinic coordinator.

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Asked By Others

What kind of product is PROFHILO?


PROFHILO is not a dermal filler; it is unlike all other injectable chemicals because it was designed for "skin bio remodelling." It is biocompatible because it is constructed of bio-fermented hyaluronic acid of the purest grade. This remarkable therapy stimulates the creation of natural collagen and elastin, allowing the skin to repair itself effectively from within. Due to its extremely high purity and lack of additives, PROFHILO provides greater safety and, thus, fewer adverse effects.

What is the down time?


Very little downtime is experienced. Redness and swelling following treatment often fade within a few hours or, at most, one day.

How many treatments do I need?


Two treatments, separated by one month, are recommended for optimal outcomes. However, if the skin condition is severe, the third session may be performed two months after the second.

Every six months, one treatment session is recommended to maintain benefits.

How long before we begin to see results?


Typically, improvements are visible after two brief therapy sessions separated by one month. The skin's firmness, elasticity, and general quality are enhanced following the two treatments. Six to twelve monthly maintenance treatments are required depending on the degree of correction required, your age, and your lifestyle. During your initial session, your doctor will provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Why should I visit the Novelty Clinic for treatment?


1.You will be treated by one of Dubai's most renowned cosmetic surgeons with extensive experience in this treatment technique.

2. SERVICE & CARE: We take pride in our patient care and experience; consequently, our knowledgeable staff will ensure that your visit and treatment are as instructive, comfortable, and expert as possible.

3. PREMIUM MEDICATION: We employ only premium, FDA-approved treatments.

4.We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and an authorized and regulated clinic. This assures that our therapies, cleanliness, and patient care are of the greatest quality.


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