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Tattoo Removal in Dubai

Without anesthesia and with little downtime, laser devices are an excellent way to remove undesirable body ink. To erase undesirable tattoos, our tattoo removal service in Dubai employs the most technologically advanced techniques.

Tattoo regret is a real thing, since people may grow tired of their body art as their careers, relationships, or personal styles change. Unwanted tattoos can be removed with laser tattoo removal, leaving clear skin behind. This method necessitates a series of treatment sessions, but the procedure is painless and involves no downtime, making it simple to fit into your everyday routine.

tattoo removal dubai


During laser tattoo removal, the practitioner guides a laser over the tattoo's surface. Contrary to laser pointers, which emit a continuous light beam, tattoo removal lasers emit bursts of light energy.Each pulse of energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink after penetrating the skin. As the particles of tattoo ink absorb the energy, they become heated and then shattered into small fragments. In the weeks that follow treatment, the body's immune system washes out the tattoo ink particles, diminishing the appearance of the tattoo. Each laser treatment diminishes the remaining tattoo ink until none remains.

What are the treatment options?

At the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York, we treat this issue with a variety of equipment. Some lasers are "fractional," whereas others can only treat certain colours in tattoos:

Fraxel Re:pair®
Fraxel Re:store Dual®

Prior to their procedure, all of our patients receive a local anesthetic to ensure their comfort. This step distinguishes us from MedSpas and other tattoo removal services, ensuring a better treatment experience for our clients. We can cure gradient tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, and decorative tattoos on any part of the body using our technologies. Permanent makeup removal, such as brows, lips, and eyeliner, is also a specialty of ours.

Our board-certified dermatologists in Dubai are among the most experienced in the field of tattoo removal, having helped create the majority of the lasers currently in use. We have eleven lasers specifically intended for tattoo removal, including the "R0" multiple treatment per session approach, which was developed at our tattoo removal service clinic. We personalize each laser tattoo removal treatment to the skin type of each patient and can treat all tattoo colors with the best possible outcomes thanks to our technical expertise and wide range of devices.

What can I expect from my treatment?

Your doctor will examine your tattoo and determine which laser or lasers will be most effective in treating it. We employ a variety of lasers to remove tattoos, and the choice is made based on the color of the tattoo ink and the tone of your skin. Before starting your laser tattoo treatment, your doctor will go over all of your choices for keeping you comfortable during the procedure. The majority of our patients have local anesthetic, but for really large tattoos, we may use intravenous anesthesia with an anesthesiologist present to deliver a topical numbing drug to make you comfortable during your procedure. We utilize the proper lasers to target the ink in the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue once the treatment region is numb. The length of a tattoo therapy session depends on the size of the tattoo as well as the number of passes and lasers used.

Our doctors at the Dubai Laser & Skin Surgery Center led a study on the use of topical perfluorodecalin to reduce the time between passes during treatment. This phase has cut down on the amount of time patients have to spend in our office for laser tattoo removal.

How tattoo removal works for different skin tones

Not all laser devices are safe for all skin tones. This leaves patients with brown or black skin wondering if laser tattoo removal can work for them. Novelty Clinic , we work with more than 100 laser and light devices.

With so many to choose from, and the expertise of our fellowship trained, board-certified dermatologists, we can safely remove tattoos from a wide range of skin tones. Keep in mind that darker skin tones may require more treatments to achieve the best result with minimal side effects.


Some of the common side effects associated with laser tattoo removal include:

• Redness
• Swelling
• Blistering
• Bruising
• Tenderness
• Scabbing

*Most of these side effects subside within a day or two, although blistering, scabbing, and bruising can last up to one week or more.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Because a topical numbing cream is applied before beginning the treatment, laser tattoo removal is a pretty painless experience.

As the laser is given, you may feel some snaps, but they should be manageable. Throughout the procedure, cooling machines keep the skin at a reasonable temperature.

Post laser tattoo removal treatment

You should be able to return to your regular activities following therapy. Similar to a sunburn, your skin may be red and painful. To avoid permanent harm, keep susceptible skin out of the sun while it heals.To aid healing, we recommend keeping the treatment area clean and applying Aquaphor healing ointment. After the first few treatments, you can experience some crunching and blistering. It is not recommended that you tan between tattoo removal procedures.


Depending on the size of the tattoo, the color of the ink, how deep the ink is, and how old the tattoo is, full tattoo removal normally takes 6-12 laser treatments. Around the third session, results will begin to appear.

Session intervals are usually 6-8 weeks."The R20 technique involves multiple passes over the tattoo with a 20-minute interval between each pass for up to four passes, whereas the R0 method involves the use of a fluorocarbon compound perfluorodecalin (PFD), which is sprayed or applied over the tattoo after each pass and subsequent passes without the waiting time of the R20 technique."

tattoo removal for men

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Tattoo removal can cost anywhere from AED 500 to AED 3000

*This estimate does not apply to everyone. You will be given an exact pricing estimate for this treatment based on the size, color, and number of tattoos.


Asked By Others



Yes. At Novelty Clinic Dubai, men frequently have laser tattoo removal. Our board-certified physicians can tailor each treatment to each patient's specific demands, skin type, and skin tone because we have numerous devices for this reason. When it comes to treating males versus women, there are some differences that our trained dermatologists take into mind.

Is it Safe to Remove Tattoos with Laser?


Yes, all of the equipment we utilize at the Novelty Clinic Dubai have received FDA approval and have been rigorously tested for this reason. Our board-certified dermatologists have the knowledge and experience to tailor your treatments to ensure that they are both effective and safe.

Who is in charge of tattoo removal?


Our doctors are world experts in tattoo removal and have contributed to the clinical development of several of the techniques employed. Only our board-certified dermatologists are allowed to undertake tattoo procedures. Please contact us immediately to schedule an appointment to discuss the best treatment and technology combination for your tattoo removal.

Why choose Novelty Clinic Dubai to remove my tattoo?


The "Best Tattoo Removal in Dubai" was awarded to Novelty Clinic Dubai by Dubai Magazine. Our competence and training in this procedure have earned us this distinction. Most of the lasers used for tattoo removal were developed by our doctors, and they have published numerous studies in the medical literature on the various tattoo removal therapy choices. The q-switched ruby, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, picosecond lasers, and resurfacing lasers have all been developed with our help. Our doctors were among the first to publish research on the use of lasers to erase red, yellow, green, and blue inks. Decorative, traumatic (road rash), radiation, and cosmetic tattoos are all treated by our medical staff (eyeliner and eyebrow). We also employ a number of anesthetic procedures to ensure that each patient is relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Board-certified dermatologists perform all laser treatments.

Are There Any Side Effects?


Following your laser tattoo removal procedure, you may notice some skin redness and soreness. The effects normally only last a day or two. To avoid potential harm, it is vital to shield treated, fragile skin from the sun following treatment.

How Does A Tattoo Get Removed?


Multiple sessions of laser tattoo removal are usually required. The outcome of this procedure varies based on the colors of the tattoo, its age, and the patient's pigmentation. To treat the different colors within a tattoo, different lasers are required. The Q-switched Ruby, Q-switched Nd:YAG, Fraxel Re:store Dual®, Fraxel Re:pair®, CO2RE, PicoSureTM, and PicoPlus lasers are only a few examples.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal the Right Treatment for Me?


If you have body ink that you'd like to get rid of and are willing to commit to a number of treatment sessions to get the best results, you might be a suitable candidate for laser tattoo removal.

Is your tattoo removal service in Dubai capable of completely removing my tattoo?


Yes, in the most part. The size, color, placement, and age of the tattoo all have a role in whether or not it can be completely removed.

Will I require multiple treatments?


A single session for laser tattoo removal is quite rare. To completely remove the ink, multiple sessions are required. You must also wait a certain length of time before receiving another treatment to allow the skin to fully heal. The number of treatments required depends on the size and color of the tattoo, as well as how long you've had it. To attain the desired result, most patients will require a minimum of 6 treatments. Blue and green ink hues, for example, may require fewer treatment sessions. Eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos are in the same boat.

How long does it take to have a tattoo removed?


Depending on the size of the tattoo, laser tattoo removal might take anywhere between a few minutes and an hour. This includes the time spent applying the local anesthetic.

After therapy, how will I look?


As with a sunburn, the skin in the treatment region will be red and painful. Blisters may emerge over the ink in the days afterward, but they will fade after approximately a week. Patients with darker skin tones may experience transient pigmentation alterations after therapy. You should not have any long-term negative effects as long as you shield your skin from direct sun exposure.

How big of a tattoo can you get rid of?


We can remove tattoos of any size, however larger tattoos will take longer to remove. We will inspect your tattoo in greater depth during your initial appointment so that we can establish what your personalized treatment plan may entail.

How long does a chemical peel session last?


Depending on the sort of peel you're getting, your appointment will last anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes.


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