Laser Hair Solution in Dubai

Laser Hair Solution in Dubai

Full Body: AED 900
Full Body - 6 Sessions: AED 4500
Full Body - 3 Sessions: AED 2500
Bikini - 3 Sessions: AED 1600

Best Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

Beauty and cosmetics industry has been seeking a safe and permanent method to remove bodily hair fora long time. Currently, the most reliable procedure is laser hair removal. Novelty clinic provides the latest and most professional laser hair removal service in the region. The professional staff ensures a safe and practical process of treatment and the specialists are always present to answer any questions.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Today, the most effective and widespread technology used for long term hair removal is laser treatment. The effectiveness of treatment depends greatly on continuity of regular sessions. The number of sessions each person needs for complete hair removal varies depending on the area under treatment and skin tone, but the completion of treatment usually requires up to 6 sessions. The typical interval time between sessions is between 4-6 weeks. After the completion of the treatment, hair growth will diminish considerably and there will be almost no hair visible. However, finishing the regular sessions doesn't always stop hair growth completely; you may need to have maintenance laser sessions with longer intervals to sustain the effect of laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal for bikini area

Pubic hair creates a moist and closed environment which makes it possible for many harmful bacteria to grow and cause various types of infections that can severely harm the reproductive system as well as overall health. This unwanted hair has to be removed regularly and the rapid regrowth in this area combined with the risk of infections caused by cuts during shaving makes laser hair removal for bikini area a Favourable alternative.

You might be skeptical about applying laser treatment to the bikini area considering the high sensitivity of skin and the conception about possible harm to the reproductive system. To this day, no research has reported conclusive records that might indicate any harm to the reproductive system caused by laser treatment, which is to be expected since laser beam penetrates only as deep as the skin layers and does not affect internal organs.

laser hair removal dubai

What is the criteria for a good laser clinic

• The laser clinic must have all the required legal and permits.
• At least one certified specialist must be present at the clinic to consult with before your treatment. The treatment should be performed under their supervision.
• The prices should be reasonable, if the price is too low you should be suspicious of their legality and quality of service.
• The clinic has to be equipped with different laser machine types for various skin types.

How painful is it?

One of the first things you will probably want to know about laser hair treatment is how painful the treatment is. The laser treatment is performed on clean, shaved skin by pressing the laser device onto your skin. The laser beam will pass through the first layer of skin to reach the hair root and disturb hair production by burning the hair follicle. All laser machines have a cooling mechanism depending on their type. It might be integrated in the device or applied to skin right before treatment as a cooling gel. The type of cooling mechanism depends on the machine model and build. You can discuss it with the specialist at the clinic beforehand.

When applied, the laser beam burns the hair follicle and will naturally cause some level of discomfort depending on your sensitivity to pain and your skin type. It's important to keep the skin hydrated while you are undergoing laser treatment. Skin dryness can lead to more pain and redness. Make sure to drink enough water and have a routine to moisturize your skin after showers to minimize the possible side effects of laser treatment.

Different types of laser machines

Many different types of laser machines are built for various purposes. Today, laser machines with IPL technology are available for use at home or beauty salons. But the medical grade machines are still only available in professional clinics and need to be operated by a specialist. These machines are more effective, their effect are visible earlier on and are more permanent. You will most likely hear many brands and names who manufacture laser machines. But apart from the brands, three main types of laser machines based on the technology behind then are widely used in clinics today:

• Alexandrite
• Diode
• Yag

Deciding which type of laser machine will be the most effective and safest for you depends highly on your skin tone and type. The dermatologist will talk to you about the laser machines provided in the clinic and help you decide the right technology by examining your skin. Generally, the Alexandrite technology is known to work best on light skin with dark hair while ND: Yag is effective on darker skin tones. Diode lasers can affect a range of skin tones and is less painful.

Different types of laser machines

The most important thing to consider before starting your laser treatment is choosing the best equipped and prestigious clinic. A professional staff who follow safety codes and are precise and meticulous, legitimacy of the clinic, the machines and even the disposable equipment all affect your results and satisfaction. Once you have decided which clinic you are going to trust with your treatment, there's not much left to do. You will consult with the dermatologist in the clinic and decide the best laser machine for your skin type. You should also discuss any special skin conditions or allergies with the doctor to ensure laser treatment is safe for you.

Before each session, you will need to shave off all the hair in areas undergoing treatment. Methods that remove the hair follicle such as waxing should not be used before laser treatment, since the hair follicle should be present for the laser treatment to take effect. You will also need to avoid sunbathing or extreme exposure to sunlight for 24 hours before and after your treatment session. Before the beginning of treatment, the skin needs to be cleansed. Presence of creams, ointments or deodorants on the skin can lead to burns or skin discoloration. In general, no special preparation is necessary before laser hair removal. If you have very sensitive skin and the doctor sees fit, a topical anesthetic gel will be applied to the skin beforehand. Most topical anesthetics take effect in 45 minutes up to an hour.

Different types of laser machines

Many patients have sensible worries about the safety of this method. Lasers have a good record in medical fields and have been used to treat a variety of dermatological conditions. The laser hair removal technology has undergone a lot of changes and has seen many advances. As a result, the latest machines are the most reliable and provide the highest level of safety and adequacy.

The treated area needs to be free of any active skin anomalies. Laser treatment cannot be performed on skin with open wounds, active acne, eczema, herpes or rash. Laser hair removal is safe for all skin types on all areas of face and body -except for the area around the eyes-provided that you have a session with a specialist and discuss any skin conditions before you start your treatment. Laser treatment will disturb tattooed areas, so if you have any tattoos, make sure to inform the specialist before Beginning treatment.

Presence of a certified dermatologist in the clinic is necessary to examine your skin beforehand and decide the most suitable type of laser machine for your skin type. It is also very important that the procedure is performed by a competent specialist with ample experience. Laser treatment administered by inexperienced operators can be dangerous and cause permanent damage. Specialists at Novelty clinic prioritize your safety while experienced dermatologists ensure that you receive the most effective treatment.

In conclusion

Laser hair removal in Dubai is the most reliable method currently available to achieve a smooth and clear skin. It is safe for all skin types and areas when performed by an expert in a clinic with required legal permits. Since the laser targets the hair follicle, the hair should be removed by a method that doesn't pluck the hair by its root. Targeting the hair root makes this method a long term solution.

Ingrown hair and the red spots caused by other hair removal methods are not a concern in this treatment. Laser hair removal will provide you with smooth and soft skin with no risk to your skin and overall health. The treatment is not particularly painful, but the burning of each singular hair follicle will cause a momentarily pinprick when the laser is applied.

Inflammation and sensitivity may occur after treatment, but will go away by itself in a matter of hours. Laser treatment doesn't cause any continued burning sensation. A professional clinic will facilitate a safe and reliable treatment. A specialist will be present to examine your skin and answer any questions you might have based in your skin tone and condition. You can consult and decide the type of laser technology that best suits you. Your skin is the first home you live in, comfort and safety of this important organ should be a priority when undergoing treatment. Contact our professional staff who prioritize your satisfaction to help you make the decision wisely.


Asked By Others

When will the results be visible?


It might seem that the hair regrows normally even days after treatment. The hair will grow again, but after days to weeks, it will eventually fall out. After the first session you can expect to see up to 30% reduction in overall hair in the treated area. The hair that regrows weakens over time and after regular sessions of laser treatment, it will eventually fade. After the completion of your treatment, you will have a smooth skin with almost no visible hair growth. The results are long lasting. Some people may not require any more maintenance laser treatments, but you might need to schedule additional sessions after several months or a year to maintain your treatment results.

Possible side effects of laser treatment?

There is no lasting pain or discomfort following laser treatment, but the area may appear red and swollen right after treatment, which is a natural reaction to the burning of hair follicles. The redness will eventually disappear after a few hours. You might find your skin dryer than usual during the period you are undergoing treatment, so it is more important to hydrate during this time to keep your skin healthy and stimulate collagen production. Some rare side effects which can occurs due to skin conditions or unprofessional administration include: skin discoloration, burns and inflammation. These effects may be a result of various cosmetic products present on the skin or active skin irritations. Burns can also be a result of unprofessional laser operation.


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