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Best Vitiligo Treatment in Dubai with Excimer Laser

Are you looking for a cost-effective vitiligo treatment in Dubai? Novelty Clinic removes white patches, pigmentation, and discoloration with an excimer laser.

Are you worried about your skin color? Are the vitiligo causes worsening? Is the skin discoloration out of control? Don't worry! Novelty Clinic can fix those small white spots on your skin, boosting your confidence so you can stand tall in society!

Most candidates understand that the white spots on face are not a dream. Therefore, we use the latest technology to offer Vitiligo treatment for Dubai residents. Contact us today for a free-of-cost consultation.

The professionals at Novelty Clinic are highly skilled in assisting patients with skin conditions and pigmentation issues. Our goal is to make your dream of a healthier appearance a reality. Our laser treatment effectively eliminates those small white spots on your skin. Additionally, you'll save money because we avoid surgeries and lengthy procedures.
vitiligo treatment in dubai

Get the best Vitiligo treatment in Dubai from us

When proposing Vitiligo Treatment Dubai patients think a lot about the procedure. Novelty Clinic uses Vitiligo treatment cream that burns the cells that cause discoloration. At the same time, the experts educate the patients about Vitiligo meaning, causes, and prevention.

Vitiligo treatment targets the whitened area specifically. The excimer laser focuses a beam of UVB light, directing it at the affected skin patches. our dermatologist will use wand-like motion and directly apply the whitened areas.

Our vitiligo treatment in Dubai stimulates the pigmentation and restores the skin to its original tone. In other words, there are no white patches, unevenness, or discoloration.

Excimer laser-based treatment for vitiligo is painless. our dermatologist can perform the procedure at the doctor’s office in less than half an hour. However, the patient may need to come back for multiple sessions depending on the vitiligo symptoms.

As a result, the patients enjoys the results. A well-experienced dermatologist recommends visiting the clinic twice a week for half a year before the treatment is complete.

After each session is over with an excimer laser, the patients can return to their normal activities and continue the day.
Is it painful?
No, it's barely unpleasant
Is there any downtime?
How many sessions are needed?
8-10 sessions are usually required.
How long does it take to complete the procedure?
10-35 minutes
When should I expect the results?
After the course of sessions
How Frequency should I do it?
2 sessions per week

What are the symptoms of vitiligo?

The most common areas that experts discover vitiligo are below:

1. Eyes and mouth
2. Wrists and fingers
3. Armpits
4. Genitals and groin
5. Oral flesh

In addition, vitiligo develops on hair roots. For example, on your scalp. As a result, the absent melanin reacts adversely to the scalp and turns the hair grey or white.

Initially, vitiligo starts like white spots on skin. The patch is white at the center with a lighter skin tone around it. If the skin has blood vessels underneath, the patch changes into hues of pink instead of white.

The white spots on skin are not uncomfortable. They do not dehydrate the skin. However, the patients may experience the sudden urge to itch. cure for Vitiligo varies from patients to patients.

Some people will identify the tiny patches. On the other hand, some panic from huge white patches on the arms and legs. Unfortunately, experts cannot predict its growth. Moreover, these patches are permanent.
cause of vitiligo

The cause of vitiligo

Vitiligo occurs when the skin does not have sufficient melanin. Skin cells called melanocytes are responsible for giving the color of the skin. When harm affects the melanocytes, you observe white patches on the skin. In other words, it is your skin changing color.

Vitiligo is possible when one’s autoimmune system is not working properly. An overactive thyroid gland can also cause tiny white patches on skin.

Furthermore, other members of the family may have it. Hereditary history of autoimmune conditions exists in the family tree. Lastly, vitiligo triggers are:
  • Stressful childbirth events
  • In addition, skin damage, cuts, or sunburn
  • Puberty and associated hormonal changes
  • Lastly, Issues with the kidneys and liver

How does an excimer laser treatment work?

Using an excimer laser to heal vitiligo symptoms is a routine procedure. The laser hits the skin cells that are causing the discoloration.

Subsequently, the laser heals the specific areas of the skin. The patient experiences a boost in their personality. In short, the laser eliminates white patches on the skin. Here is the procedure


Firstly, the Novelty Clinic receptionist will greet the patient and guide them to our trained dermatologist. The expert will study the discoloration. They will also discuss the patient's objectives and possible outcomes. In the end, our dermatologist concludes if the patient is suitable for laser treatment or not.

2. Picking the vitiligo-affected area

Secondly, the expert will closely observe the vitiligo growth and focus on studying the affected area. They will highlight the area which is suitable for an excimer laser in Dubai. The most commonly affected areas are the face, neck, and hands.

3. Application of excimer laser

When experts suggest using a 308 nm excimer laser price is the first thing on the customer’s mind. However, Novelty Clinic services are very affordable. The expert aims the excimer laser at the skin patches.

Subsequently, the laser illuminates the affected area. It is an excellent tool for recognizing smaller vitiligo areas that are difficult to heal. When using the excimer laser, vitiligo-affected areas do not darken the surrounding skin.

4. Expectation

When our dermatologist is using the laser, the patient will feel a lot of heat on their skin. In the end, the skin will appear blushed and slightly red. The expert will perform the procedure two to three times a week.

The course lasts for seven months to eliminate vitiligo causes. The length and duration vary according to skin discoloration, age, rashes, and medical history.

5. Post-appointment

When the appointment is over, the skin starts to cool down. Meanwhile, the excimer laser has targeted the cells that are causing tiny white spots on skin.

Their structure is disturbed. Vitiligo treatment in Dubai does not harm the surrounding cells. The body remains healthy and unharmed.

6. Vitiligo cells and the immune system

Over time, the white spots on face begin to shrink. The event allows the body’s immune system to recognize the affected area and eliminate the damaged skin cells.

7. Results

As a result, the white patches on the face heal. The skin becomes normal, and any residue leaves the anywhere on the body through waste. In addition, the client notices a reduced time for laser treatment.

The skin becomes even with no patches. Your appearance is defined.

8. Results

The additional sessions depend on the skin pigmentation. You will need them if you wish to improve the results more. In short, the additional sessions with the Excimer laser are completely optional.

9. Live healthily

After the vitiligo treatment in Dubai, you must ensure a health conditions lifestyle. Participate in daily exercise. Eat a balanced meal. Lastly, live confidently because the white patches on skin are now part of the past.

Who can get the excimer laser for Vitiligo treatment in Dubai?

A wide variety of patient can get the Excimer laser vitiligo treatment. Here they are:

Teenagers who are 18 age or older can get the vitiligo treatment. Novelty Clinic believes it is essential to achieve maturity before the client makes health-related decisions about the procedure.

People with overall good health prefer vitiligo treatment in Dubai. In other words, they do not have grave medical conditions that can cause complications in vitiligo treatment. Therefore, Novelty Clinic recommends sharing medical history at the initial consultation.

After observing the vitiligo symptoms, the treatment is necessary for areas where the diet and exercise do not affect.

If the client is vulnerable to blistering or hyper-pigmentation, the procedure is not for them. Overall, vitiligo treatment in Dubai is safe and minimally evasive. It heals skin patches. However, the client must share the medication they are taking for ongoing health issues.

Lastly, the client must remember the vitiligo treatment cream after excimer laser for perfect skin. The treatment eliminates vitiligo symptoms and skin pigmentation. The discoloration goes away. If you are looking for a treatment for other skin diseases, contact Novelty Clinic today for the right advice.

When learning about excimer laser vitiligo, clients seek non-surgical options. The excimer laser is the top substitute to boost confidence and ensure a beaming personality.

Why pick Novelty Clinic for Excimer Laser treatment in vitiligo?

The white patches on skin are hurting your confidence. You are not going out or meeting with friends because you worry about the questions. Novelty Clinic introduces a painless Vitiligo procedure with an excimer laser. Following are some of the other reasons to hire us:

FDA-approved services

Firstly, Novelty Clinic offers FDA-approved services for Vitiligo symptoms. The procedures take place in a controlled environment where an excimer laser targets the discoloration. We update the devices according to recent studies. Dubai residents are pleased with the result.

Safe and less evasive

Furthermore, at Novelty Clinic, we avoid surgeries and don't use needles or anesthesia in our procedures. This is because our non-invasive excimer laser treatment for discoloration and skin patches is gentle. It penetrates the skin with minimal discomfort and doesn't leave scars.


Novelty Clinic sessions are quick, lasting 15 to 30 minutes for pigmentation and white patches on your face. During the treatment, you can multitask, like attending a meeting or reading a book. If you prefer, a short nap is also a good idea. These excimer laser sessions won't disrupt your daily routine, so you can get back to your regular activities afterward.

Long-lasting results

The vitiligo treatment cream is temporary. However, the results are long-lasting. Excimer laser and cream will eliminate the cells causing discoloration. If you stay away from the sun damage and keep a healthy lifestyle, vitiligo will not return.

A calm environment

Novelty Clinic offers a relaxing environment before the procedure. As soon as you enter the clinic, our professionals will greet you wholeheartedly. We will ensure the appointment is pleasing.

Increase Confidence

The primary aim of the Vitiligo treatment in Dubai is to increase confidence, which is an excellent outcome of the procedure. Your skin will look beautiful. You'll love the confident look that removes white spots on your face and evens out skin tone on your body.


You can choose vitiligo treatment in Dubai from expensive clinics. Yet, the results are unreliable. Novelty Clinic is a well-established healthcare center that ensures quality.

Experts perform Excimer laser treatment. You will notice the results after the initial few sessions.

Organic Outcome

Evasive surgical procedures lead to harmful and unpredictable outcomes. However, excimer laser vitiligo treatment offers natural results. During the process, the body gets rid of the bad skin cells. The skin is more defined and sculpted.

Tailor Approach

Novelty Clinic ensures the treatment matches the personality of each patient to enhance their uniqueness. The experts will create an extensive vitiligo treatment agenda to realize patient goals. In addition, dermatologists will address particular aims as well.

Vitiligo treatment post-care suggestions

Stay hydrated!

The vitiligo client must drink sufficient water after the procedure. It is essential to maintain excellent hydration levels to ensure quick healing and remedy heated skin.

Some unease

It is common to experience certain unease after the excimer laser. You may complain of sensitive skin and numbness. Moreover, tingling can also happen. However, remember, the outcomes will go away for a few hours.

Avoid exercise

Thirdly, the patient must avoid rigorous exercises after an excimer laser treatment. Even though light exercises are acceptable, long workouts can result in sweat reacting with the lasered skin area.


In addition, Novelty Clinics also proposes gently massaging the area suffering from skin diseases. It promotes blood flow to the region and reduces healing time. However, refrain from rough hand gestures.

No over-the-counter drugs

The patient may complain of redness or inflammation from the excimer laser. Novelty Clinic advises against taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and letting the natural healing process resume.

Avoid tight dresses

The patient who is undergoing vitiligo treatment for skin pigmentation must not wear accessories or tight scarves. Masks are also not advised. It can irritate the skin further.

Stay Patient

Vitiligo treatment in Dubai is about patience. It takes time, so do not expect immediate results. Novelty Clinic will propose additional sessions if the client needs them.

Follow Advice

Furthermore, the clients must practice advice and instructions. Novelty Clinic offers these suggestions, which vary according to vitiligo symptoms and their severity.

Do not skip sessions.

When embarking on vitiligo treatment in Dubai, the individual must not skip sessions. Resultantly, the lax attitude disturbs the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does vitiligo treatment in Dubai cost?

The initial consultation with pre-appointment prep and medical check can cost at least AED 1000. The factors include skin pigmentation, clinic reputation, and location.

Is vitiligo treatment in Dubai with excimer laser effective?

The excimer laser treatment is effective for skin pigmentation, skin diseases, and tiny white patches on the skin. You will begin to notice visible results halfway through the course.

How long is excimer treatment at Novelty Clinics?

The treatments last for seven months, with two sessions each week. However, the client can request additional sessions if the results are not hopeful.

How effective is excimer laser treatment in Dubai?

The excimer laser treatment is a much more effective remedy than other suggestions. The concentrated short wavelengths of ultraviolet light ensure younger and healthy skin.


If you would like to schedule an appointment or a free consultation, please leave your info and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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