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At Novelty Clinic, we serve the entire family. Our dentists enjoy treating infants through adolescents. We feel that a great standard in children's dentistry is spending time with your children to acclimate them to the dental environment and educate them about the significance of oral hygiene.
We recognise that visiting the dentist may be a stressful experience for children, so we've created a setting that makes the appointment relaxing and enjoyable. We ensure that Children's dentistry is a comfortable experience for both the child and the parents by using soothing music, informative cartoons, and dental accessories.Our dentists are also available on Saturdays, especially for paediatric dentistry, so your children do not need to miss school for their appointment!

Ways we can help your child:

Preventative Care
Dental Cleaning
Dental Care
Sedation Dentistry
Sleep Dentistry & General Anesthesia
Stainless Steel Crowns & Aesthetic White Crowns
Special Needs
Digital X-Rays
Early Orthodontics & Space Maintainers
Habit AppliancesInfant
Root Canals for Baby Teeth
Tongue Ties & Lip Releases
Sports Guards

Early orthodontics

Early treatment of orthodontic issues is vital. Ignoring them or waiting until it's too late could result in minor concerns becoming severe and pave the way for lengthy and costly therapy in the future.Our team is sympathetic to the growing pains of children and young adults, and is prepared with a variety of safe, quick, and discreet straightening alternatives that will not cause embarrassment in the common area or on the playground.In addition, you will find straightening and orthodontic alternatives for children and adolescents that are unavailable at NHS Center. We recommend an initial orthodontic evaluation 12 months after the eruption of all permanent teeth. Our children's dentist will be able to advise you on the optimal time to see an orthodontist, and we have a team of braces experts standing by to assist you.At Novelty Clinic, we offer a variety of braces, including alternatives that are both discrete and invisible. Orthodontic therapy does not have to involve fixed metal braces; children and adults who are self-conscious about the appearance of their braces can benefit from invisible braces or transparent removable aligners.

Starting Early

In addition to giving your child the best possible chance of remaining healthy, early-years appointments are essential for acclimating children to the sights and noises of the dentist.We recommend scheduling a consultation for your child around 12 months of age or within six months of the eruption of their first tooth.Our child-friendly staff will assure the safety of your growing children.

Kids and toddlers

As soon as your baby's teeth begin to erupt, you should begin to pay attention to his or her dental hygiene and habits. This entails brushing their teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and monitoring their sugar intake.

We are all aware that sugar is harmful to our teeth, but did you realise that it is the frequency of consumption, not the total amount, that causes the most damage? For instance, it would be worse for your child's teeth if he or she had one sweet every hour throughout the day as opposed to consuming the entire pack at once. A child should have sweet foods towards the conclusion of a meal.Don't forget that sugar is also present in fruit juice and squash. It is crucial to maintain the health of baby teeth because they are necessary not only for eating, but also for speech development, facial appearance, and saving room for adult teeth.

At this age, your child does not require frequent dental examinations, but it can be useful to bring them with you to the dentist to familiarise them with the process. Try to have a relaxed and cheerful demeanour throughout your appointments so that small children do not pick up on your nervousness.

Age between five and six

Around the age of 5 or 6, the first permanent teeth of your child will erupt. Due to the fact that these adult molars do not replace any baby teeth but instead grow in behind them, many individuals are unaware that they are permanent teeth and consequently do not care for them correctly. This is the age at which you should begin bringing your child for regular dental checkups.Additionally, we can offer therapies such as fissure sealants for the rear teeth, which can protect them from decay. The sealants function by filling up the little "fissures" or crevices on the biting surface of the teeth, preventing food from being caught and making the teeth simpler to clean. Fissure sealants are simply painted onto the tooth's surface, making the procedure quick and painless. Additionally, we can offer therapies such as fissure sealants for the rear teeth, which can protect them from decay. The sealants function by filling up the little "fissures" or crevices on the biting surface of the teeth, preventing food from being caught and making the teeth simpler to clean. Fissure sealants are simply painted onto the tooth's surface, making the procedure quick and painless.

Age seven to nine

As soon as the baby teeth begin to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth, you should begin evaluating your child for prospective orthodontic (brace) therapy. Approximately at this age, we can begin to observe the location of the adult teeth and watch the development of the jaw for potential issues.If your child needs to have their teeth straightened with braces, we have a team of orthodontists and dentists that can give a variety of treatment choices. In rare instances, early orthodontics might eliminate the need for lengthy braces later in life or even face surgery.


When your children become more independent and are able to brush their teeth without supervision, we can ensure that they use proper technique and reach all parts of the mouth. Regular hygiene consultations allow us to thoroughly clean your adolescent's teeth and educate them on appropriate oral hygiene.

How Much Does invisalign Cost?

invisalign can cost anywhere from AED 7000 to AED 15000


Asked By Others

When should I take my child for the first time to the dentist?


You can take your child to the dentist as early as six months of age, while it is recommended that you wait until they are between six months and one year old. If you have concerns about your child's dental hygiene or diet, our paediatric dentist at D&F Dental Clinic can offer you with information about healthy habits.

When should my toddler stop using a pacifier?

Before the age of 3, children should stop using pacifiers and/or sucking their thumbs, as these habits may increase the chance of developing malocclusions.

When should I begin to brush my infant's teeth?

Since the emergence of the first teeth Even before the tooth emerges, it is essential to maintain a clean mouth cavity. There are numerous dental hygiene tools available for infants today.

How do I select the most effective toothpaste for my child?

You must consider your child's age, but there are additional considerations, such as the potential to develop cavities. As soon as your child's first tooth erupts, you should begin brushing their teeth with a rice-sized amount of toothpaste. Use a very little amount of toothpaste for infants and toddlers up to three years of age, gradually increasing the amount over time. In general, toothpastes with 1000 ppm of fluoride are advised, but you should also consider alternatives.consult your paediatric dentist. Occasionally, fluoride supplements may be required to prevent tooth decay.

My child's teeth are stained; what should I do?

You should schedule an appointment with your child's paediatric dentist, who will assess whether or not it is caused by a disease. Baby bottle dental decay is rather prevalent. It can be treated by your dentist, but the best approach to avoid the problem is by early detection and prevention.

My toddler has dental decay; what dietary adjustments should I make?

As the leading cause of dental decay, all sources of fermentable carbohydrates should be avoided. Additionally, it is necessary to practise proper hygiene. Patients who are at risk for dental caries should do a diet analysis and adhere to our dental clinic's recommendations.


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