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Beard Laser Hair Removal

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Beard Laser Hair Removal in dubai

For males, laser hair removal of the beard has become the most popular and practical approach. Shaving on a daily basis causes a slew of issues in humans. It's not always easy to shave, whether it's folliculitis-type infections in the most severe cases or basic irritation.

As a result, men are increasingly turning to laser hair removal of the beard to get rid of it permanently or to redraw it in order to prevent any upkeep.
Hair removal of the beard
Beard laser hair removal seeks to permanently remove beard hair. Men can benefit from laser hair removal for a variety of reasons:

For the sake of beauty. In fact, allowing men's beards to grow may provide them with the benefit of not having to constantly maintain them. As a result, some men prefer to employ laser hair removal on their beards to prevent any maintenance.

It's a matter of cleanliness. Bacteria, pollutants, and other pathogens can sometimes be found in the beard. As a result, laser hair removal looks to be the best option for removing hair and avoiding shaving on a daily basis.

Dancers must be hairless when participating in some sports, particularly classical dance. Laser hair removal can be used to avoid a regular shave that might cause irritation.

Finally, if you shave too often, your skin may become inflamed, and folliculitis may develop. Folliculitis is a hair follicle infection that appears as red pimples with a white tip on top. As a result of the laser hair removal, the hair becomes softer, reducing the risk of skin irritation.
Laser hair removal for the beard: the procedure
One to three sessions of beard laser hair removal are adequate to soften the hair and diminish the density of the beard. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as transsexualism, men rarely depilate fully.

To achieve an optimal and permanent outcome, 7 to 10 sessions of laser hair removal of the beard are required. Each session is between ten and fifteen minutes long.

A initial consultation is required before beard laser hair removal. This lets your practitioner to learn about your ancestry and discover any contraindications that would prevent you from utilizing hair removal on your beard. This appointment allows them to inspect your hair and skin and tailor the treatment to your specific needs and desires.

On the day of the surgery, the doctor will take the following steps to ensure an excellent and long-lasting outcome:

To begin, the region to be treated is checked to discover if any contraindications exist. The beard can be shaved if the hair is excessively lengthy.

After that, the doctor will set up the gadget and provide you with safety glasses to shield your eyes from the laser beam.

A test is performed on a tiny region of the body during the first session of laser hair removal.

The practitioner scans the region to be treated centimeter by centimeter after the test. Approximately ten hairs can be destroyed in one second.

The practitioner will apply a moisturizing cream to your skin after the operation to relieve the redness and lessen the burning and itchy feeling.
The results of laser hair removal on the beard
The hairs on the beard are dense and thick. Because hair regrows quickly, the first sessions of beard laser hair removal should be combined to treat the maximum number of hairs in the growth phase. They are gradually spaced out after that.

The doctor begins by treating the most sensitive places, such as the moustache and chin, before moving on to the less sensitive cheeks.

If paradoxical regrowth occurs, that is, hair growth in an area not treated by the laser but close to a treated surface, the number of sessions as well as the treatment time may be increased.


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