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Full Body Laser Hair Removal

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Full Body Laser Hair Removal in dubai

Full body laser hair removal may be right for you if you absolutely want to go bare. Legs, underarms, and the bikini line can all pile up. When all of these services are used together, you can save a lot of time and money.

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair reduction procedure that targets the roots of your hair.

The laser destroys the follicle, preventing it from producing hair. Laser hair removal is the finest option for the complete body when compared to other hair removal methods.

It's a one-time set of services that eliminates the need to shave or wax for the rest of your life. If you have sensitive skin or ingrown hairs as a result of other hair removal procedures, full body laser is the best option.

A full body hair removal service normally takes just over an hour, which is incredibly quick considering the amount of area covered. Continue reading to discover more about the areas we target with full body laser hair removal and what makes the  Novelty Clinic experience unique.
Laser Hair Removal for the Brazilian and Bikini Areas
We can perform a full Brazilian or only a bikini line laser hair removal as part of full body hair removal. Hair is removed from the entire pubic area with Brazilian laser hair removal. The hair that may be visible when wearing a bikini, such as the crease where the legs meet the pubic area and above the panty line, is only treated with the bikini line laser.
Laser Hair Removal Legs
When we perform a full-body laser treatment, the legs are frequently the greatest area we treat. From the tops of the foot and toes to the knees and up to the thighs, laser hair removal legs covers the entire area. You may wish to get all of those locations treated, depending on how much hair growth you have.
Underarms, Hands, and Arms Hair removal with lasers
Full body laser hair removal always includes underarm laser hair removal. Hair that grows in the armpits can make both men and women feel dirty or as though it destroys their appearance in sleeveless shirts and dresses. We frequently do laser hair removal on the hands and arms to target the backs of the hands and the arms themselves.
Laser Hair Removal for the Face
Your face is technically a part of your body, in our opinion. Any area of your face with undesirable hair can be targeted with facial laser hair removal. The only exceptions are the eyes and the skin around them. The laser is far too sensitive for both of them.

When having their face treated, men frequently use the opportunity to improve the shape of their facial hair or conduct laser hair removal from the neck.
Laser Hair Removal for the Back and Neck
When it comes to taking their shirts off, many people find that having hair on their back makes them feel uneasy. Hair down the back of the neck spoils the attractiveness of certain people's haircuts. In any case, we're pleased to provide laser hair removal for the back (both upper and lower), neck, and shoulders.
How Much Does Laser Hair Removal For The Entire Body Cost?
It's a good idea to do all of your body parts at once to save money. The cost of an appointment ranges from $475 to $550. Even if you don't require your full body to be treated, you're welcome to combine a few procedures! Take a look at our service menu to find out how much it costs in your state.
Novelty Clinic offers full-body laser hair removal.
Our whole body laser hair removal package at Novelty Clinic is an excellent technique to achieve permanent hair reduction. Most of our patients notice remarkable benefits after 6-12 sessions, which is why when you buy a package of 5 visits, the 6th session is free. After that, you can come in for a touch-up every now and again, either on your entire body or on select regions.

Registered nurses and laser technicians make up the majority of our team. Our goal is to make laser hair removal accessible to everyone, thus we have cutting-edge laser devices that can efficiently decrease hair in people of all skin tones.

So, are you ready to be silky smooth from head to toe? Make a reservation at a Novelty Clinic spa near you right now.


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