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Hands Laser Hair Removal

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Hands Laser Hair Removal in dubai

Do you have hair on the backs of your hands or on your knuckles? If that's the case, laser hair removal from the hands could be right for you!

When we think of laser hair removal, the hands aren't the first body part that comes to mind, but the truth is that it's a terrific therapy for practically every type of unwanted hair. What's not to like about it? It's quick, easy, and produces long-term results, so what's not to enjoy?

Here's all you need to know about laser hair removal from your hands if you're interested.
How Does Laser Hair Removal Work On Hands?
For removing hair from the hands, laser hair removal is a highly successful choice. The hair follicle is zapped with light by the laser. It doesn't harm the skin around it since it's drawn to the pigment in the follicle. The laser's damage prevents the follicle from regrowing hair, which is why it's such a good long-term cure.
What to Expect at Your First Consultation
Because the area being treated is so small, laser hair removal from the hands is incredibly quick. It's the ideal lunchtime service because appointments are only about five minutes long.

Because you may need a longer consultation with your laser technician or licensed nurse, your initial appointment will most likely be the longest. When you initially arrive, they'll take as much time as you need to answer your concerns and make sure you're comfortable before your appointment.

When you're ready, they'll draw a few lines on your hands with a skin-safe pencil. This allows them to ensure that no locations are missed. They'll then begin operating the laser.

A slight sting will be felt, but most of our clients find it manageable. After "zapping" an area, the equipment we use at Novelty Clinic produces a cooling shot. It aids in reducing the pain associated with hair removal right away.

Prior to your session, keep in mind that laser hair removal makes your skin more susceptible to sun exposure. Because we use our hands so extensively, this can be a little more difficult.

Because it's critical to protect your hands with sunscreen, we'll always give you some after your treatment. Consider picking up a hand cream with SPF that you won't mind using on a frequent basis in the coming days.
How Many Sessions of laser hair removal wilI Need?
We always recommend that customers begin with six sessions, spaced four to eight weeks apart. You can decide if you like your results after the first series of sessions or if you'd want to continue with another series.

It's difficult to say how many sessions each person will need. A variety of individual characteristics influence hair growth cycles. The laser, for example, will only affect follicles that are in the growth stage. Because only part of your hairs are in this phase at the same time, we'll have to go over the same area several times over the course of a few months to permanently suppress hair growth across your hands.
What does it cover, exactly?
The back of the hand is covered by laser hair removal, which begins directly above the wrist.

The backs of the fingers and the wrist You can either do it on its own or combine it with arm laser hair removal.
Why is Laser Hair Removal the Most Effective for Hands?
Laser hair removal is a magical trifecta that makes it the ideal hair removal alternative for many people: it's long-lasting, quick, and affordable. None of the other hair removal treatments have the same success rate.

Electrolysis is the only alternative hair removal procedure that produces long-term results, but it is extremely painful, slow, and expensive.

Shaving and waxing aren't long-term solutions. A single waxing session is just slightly less expensive than a laser procedure if you take the professional method. The difference is that with laser, you'll only need 6-12 sessions, whereas waxing will require you to continue for the rest of your life.

So, are you ready to bid farewell to your hairy hands? Make a laser hair removal appointment at your nearby Novelty Clinic location.


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